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Whether you have a small documentary production or a major advertising shoot, Film!CanaryIslands is your gateway to successful shooting on the 7 Canary Islands - Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, El Hierro & La Gomera.

We are small enough to offer a custom service and yet big enough to handle a major film shoot or TV commercial. Please have a look around our website, and get in touch if you have any further questions.

fmwOur sister company, Film!Morocco, based in Marrakech, offers the same high quality service in Morocco!

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RED Gemini

Check out the latest RED camera workhorse. 5K resolution and dual NATIVE ISO of 800 or 3,200.

Now in rental stock!

What we do

International Service ProductionFilmCanaryIslands offer a FULL service solution, and our experience covers TV and cinema movies, commercials, web videos, corporate videos, documentaries, reality shows and all types of TV and photo shoots.

Local Production CompanyFilm!CanaryIslands is a talented and successful video & photographic production company, creating innovative and exciting images for clients across the Canary Islands and beyond.

ENG, Photo and AV ServicesWe regularly supply both photographers and video cameramen to cover all kinds of assignments including:

• Press Shoots
• Events
• Conferences
• TV news & ENG
• Documentaries

Underwater filming, Film Canary IslandsFilm!CanaryIslands has extensive equipment and experience for shooting on and under the water. We have a qualified and highly experienced team, including DoP, operator, assistants and safety crew, who are available to work in any part of the world.

Using the latest in diving techniques, underwater communications and camera equipment our team has worked on many movies, music videos and commercials, and have worked all over the world. We have a housing for the RED Gemini camera that can accommodate a variety of cinema lenses, including our Atlas anamorphic set

The Canary Islands are also a useful base for many types of underwater shooting, with excellent year round weather conditions, access to many interesting locations in the sea as well as plenty of heated pools and tanks.

Our underwater cameraman, Andy McLeod, has more than 15 years experience shooting underwater. Please take a look at his showreel:

Andy McLeod Underwater Show-reel

{jwplayer video:="FyXbdQMY"}

Behind the Scenes - Diving with stingrays, Tenerife

{jwplayer video:="bIpXQKlN"}


Equipment Rental


Cactus Camera is our equipment rental company who supply us with all our camera, lighting and grip requirements.

Drone Service

FilmCanaryIslands has an extensive collection of drones for all types of filming. We have various muticopters from brands like DJI & Freefly but we also have several custom built drones which can fly cameras as big as Arri Alexa and RED Dragon. Contact us for more information.

Andy McLeod - DoP

Andy is our in-house Director of Photography & Underwater Cameraman with more than 25 years experience shooting all types of productions, including documentaries, drama, commercials and music videos. If you would like to consider him for your next production in the Canary Islands, please have a look at his showreel and check out his website.


Some Recent Projects

Rolls Royce - Commercial - Lanzarote
J20 - Commercial - Tenerife
Boohoo - Commercial - Lanzarote

Some of our recent clients.

FilmCanaryIslands SL has more than 10 years experience providing production services to discerning clients from all over Europe and beyond. Our expertise covers all types of productions including commercials, movies, music videos and documentary and reality shows.


Film!Morocco's headquarters in the Draa Valley. Come and join us in Morocco!

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