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Mobile: +34 667 774 567

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Since moving to Tenerife from Germany in 1985, Norbert has worked on more than 400 productions as Service Producer, for clients including: BBC TV, ZDF, NDF, ZDF, MTV and commercials including Pepsi, Audi, BMW, Erdinger, Thomson Holidays, German Post, Gil Sander, Mazda, Mercedes, MüllerMilch, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Sterntag, Volkswagen and Zara.

In 1998, he was one of the founders of 24-6 Cine & TV Services and since its inception, the company has had considerable success in promoting Tenerife and the Canary Islands as a location for the production of commercials, documentaries, TV series, feature films and still photographic shoots.

In 2004, Norbert was part of the team that founded Film!CanaryIslands.

In 2012, he produced the Spanish feature film "El Clan", directed by Jaime Falero; Film!CanaryIslands was also the production company.

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Mobile: +34 620 002 297

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Originally from Scotland, Andy studied cinematography at Bournemouth Film School in the mid-80's before moving to London to free-lance as a loader and focus puller, working on TV commercials, music videos and documentaries. Since 1993 Andy has been a DoP in his own right, traveling across the world shooting films for the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Channel 4 UK as well as many commercials, music videos and promotional films. In 2010, Andy won the "Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography" award" at the Factual Entertainment Awards, Santa Monica, for his work on the TV documentary series, "Daredevils".

In 2000 Andy completed his commercial diving training in Fort William, Scotland, qualifying him as an HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive) Media Diver and Dive Supervisor and very soon after trained to become a PADI and BSAC diving Instructor. His underwater filming career has taken him from Antarctica to Zanzibar and many other top diving destinations. Has also supervised many underwater shoots including BBC's "Walking with Monsters".

Andy settled in Tenerife in 2001, when he first started working with Norbert Schilling and joined forces with him in 2004, when they launched Film!CanaryIslands.

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Mobile: +34 605 608 741

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Alex works as a Producer for our local productions, as well as production assistant and/or Multicopter pilot & technician for our international clients.

He was born in Croatia and eventually moved to Tenerife with his family. He studied law at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife during the mid '80s, but started a career in new technologies, and grew a business designing and building computer systems for local businesses, schools and government departments. During this time Alex made many contacts within the Canarian government and town halls, which has proven extremely valuable to his career as a producer, giving him access to political allies to arrange permissions and permits in a timely manner!

Gordon Chesterman, Photographer/Digital Technician/Timelapse Specialist

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Mobile: +34 608 662 566

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Gordon gained a BA Honours Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design & Audio Visuals before working as a graphic designer, multimedia designer and design studio manager in the UK. During this time he also developed his interest and skills in photography & video. He settled in Tenerife in 1999 and for the last few years has been working with Film!CanaryIslands as a photographer, videographer and time-lapse specialist.

Gordon has developed the time-lapse process to a fine art, from programming our remote heads and dollies to finishing the completed sequences in post production.

His excellent photography can be seen all over this website.

Yana Zoloeva, administration/production secretary

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Mobile: +34 609 779 352

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Yana is our office administration and production secretary.

She is originally from Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, where she studied pedagogy (the science of teaching!) at The Faculty of Art and Graphics. After a 4 year stay in Mallorca, Yana settled in Tenerife in 1998. She loves to cook!

Javier Navarro

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Mobile: +34 677 091 317

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As Canarian as mojo verde or papas arugadas, Javier, or “Javi", has been a close and valued member of the Film!CanaryIslands team for many years. As well as maintaining and caring for our vehicles, office, workshops and equipment, he is often found on set as location assistant, 2nd camera assistant, or capitán of the reflectors.  


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