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Recent Projects

Here are some of the most interesting projects we have recently done at Film!CanaryIslands. To see what we are up to day-to-day, please visit our Facebook Page

February 2016

15In February we again had the pleasure of working for Producer Jess Bell, from London Alley, this time on a series of TV idents for Thomson Holidays, sponsor of the TV show "First Dates".

We were joined by Director Alex Southam, and DoP Chris Clarke and a cast of 16, to create a series of 5 and 10 seconds idents for the Channel 4 UK TV show, "First Dates", which was shot on our RED Dragon Epic cameras.

Norbert Schilling was the Film!CanaryIslands service producer, and along with our 20 strong production and technical crew, ensured the 3 day production ran smoothly.


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January 2015

BMW TV CommercialBMW contacted us to provide the crew and equipment to film their TV commercial.
They brought their own steadycam/Blackmagic while we provided our Red Dragon and filmed just outside the village of Tajao.
This area is a fabulous location with unused roads and a flat expanse of landscape. On the day, it proved to be quite windy, but it didn't affect the crew or actor performance. Even our very own Norbert Schilling got in on the act playing the part of a 'mature gentleman'.
We wrapped early evening after a blustery but successful day and managed to get a group foto with the help of the car headlights.

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January 2015

Continental TV comercialContinental Tyres came to us to produce their TV advertisement. We supplied the entire crew, actors, cameras, cranes, lighting and car for this shoot in the pine forest on the TF24 La Esperanza road.
The shoot was directed by Sami Juensuu and DoP was P Blomgren.
An early start saw very low temperatures with everyone keeping well wrapped up, especially the two actors which included a little girl.
There were three shoot locations in total. The story followed a little girl playing with her ball in the forest. As it bounced across the road, she chased after it. A car approached and braked hard whereby a piñata donkey and plastic party balls on the back seat launch into the air. The donkey breaks apart as it hit the road spilling its contents. The sure grip of the tyres see the outcome is a happy ending with the little girl looking at the relieved driver whilst holding one of the plastic balls.
Much of the footage was shot in slow motion on one of our Red Dragons.


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December 2014

First Choice - IdentsThe tour operator First Choice were producing a series of weather programme idents.
We provided full support and back-up in the production process, organising and supplying the camera equipment, crew, catering and a full cast of local actors.
The scenes were shot at two locations in Tenerife - Terasitas Beach and the superb Luabay Hotel in Los Gigantes. The shoot lasted a full three days with the weather being perfect every day apart from the last couple of hours at wrap time. Still, an enjoyable shoot where all the hard work put in by everyone ensured a successful result.

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December 2014

Bravo Tours TV CommercialThis is a TV commercial for Danish television to promote booking your summer holidays with Bravo Tours.
It shows the fun you can have on holiday with Bravo Tours through the eyes of one of their holiday reps. Snorkelling, dining out, playing golf, sightseeing, car hire, dancing, shopping and generally taking in the culture of the resort you book into. We provided the main aerial sequences.





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November 2014

Sunweb TV comercialThe weather for this shoot was a little stormy to say the least whilst shooting this TV commercial. The story focused on the 'sun' having a speaking part as it looked down on two holiday-makers sunbathing having paid more than they should have because they didn't book online.
Needless to say, our lighting department had to create a sunny day during high winds and torrential rain downpours at Terasitas beach. The crew were forced to head for cover three times before finally managing to start filming.
The editor started to edit and colour grade as we went along thus making up for lost time. We actually finished the day's storyboard at the expected time and that is thanks to the determination and teamwork of the entire crew.
The following day was shot with out Red Dragon, lights, crane and tripods at the five star Hotel Gran Tacande in Fañabe. The weather cooperated as we filmed our couple enjoying a delicious meal by the pool under a blue sky.
We wrapped early evening to mass applause for what was a very testing shoot, especially on the first day.

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November 2014 TV Commercial'The Gate Films' from Leeds in the UK, contacted us to provide crew, equipment and logistical support for the filming of their TV commercial for the Leeds based airline
It followed a family on holiday in Tenerife enjoying a day out at the adventure waterpark Siam Park. They were filmed with a Canon 5DII in a waterproof housing on the various rides and shutes, some slow, some quite fast. Their DoP and director literally jumped in at the deep end to get their shots.
We had cast the two children who performed excellently responding to everything asked of them even when the pool water temperature was a little chilly. True professionals.
Other locations were the beach at Playa Fañabe, the main beach at Los Cristianos and the CC El Mirador Hotel, a beautiful hotel overlooking the beach. This last location saw 'mum and dad' enjoying an evening meal on the patio next to the pool whilst being served by actual staff from the hotel and being filmed with our Red Dragon mounted on a Steadycam.
A very busy and enjoyable shoot over the three days with the weather playing its part in providing blue skies each day.

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October 2014

02We had the pleasure of producing a series of promotional videos for the hotel group Adrian Hoteles. These featured the Gran Roca de Nivaria at Playa Paraiso and the Jardines de Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní at Fañabe, Costa Adeje.

We had three couples representing three age groups enjoying the comfort and facilities of their respective hotels at all times of the day. This featured the health spas, restaurants, gymnasiums, swimming pools and the various types of accommodation such as the luxury penthouses.

The footage was shot with one of our Panasonic GH4s, dolly, aerial and underwater cameras together with a number of timelapses to complement the main footage.


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October 2014

03A Cardiff based production company called Boomerang contacted us for help with producing a documentary about selling a yellow submarine.
Our intrepid underwater cameraman Andy McLeod jumped in with both flippers and housing. This was a perfect opportunity to work with one of our newly upgraded Red Dragons filming in RAW in this first underwater assignment.
The filming lasted all day with the weather conditions above and below the water in Lanzarote being particularly helpful to a successful shoot.

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April 2014

04In April, DoP, Andy McLeod and assistant Dimitri Quintanilla, travelled to the mountains in northern Portugal to shoot 2nd unit shots for the latest spot for the Canadian beer, Michelob, produced by Steam films from Canada. The story follows a young couple on a white water rafting expedition, and during an extreme stretch of rapids, our hero is thrown from the boat into the river. Andy was tasked in filming both the underwater shots and the sequence of the raft being drenched in water on its journey through the rapids.
Even though it was April, the water in the river was a chilly 7ºC, but for Andy, a veteran of several Antarctic and Arctic film shoots, this was not a problem, and he stayed toasty warm for the 2 hours he spent submerged in the river. The underwater camera was our RED Epic system, but for the rafting shots, Andy chose to use the Blackmagic Pocket camera, shooting RAW, with a Zeiss 8mm lens. The camera was then enclosed in a pelican case, customised by Andy to have a glass port installed, and then rigged to various positions on the raft as it sent through the over rapids.

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