Rocket Studio - Munich
Producer: Philipp Lenner, Director: Andreas Richter, DoP: Florian Schilling, Production Manager: Michèle Ratajczak, Location: Fuerteventura - Shot on RED Epic

The Found Collective - London
Producer: Sean Stuart, Directors: Mike Sharpe and Barney Steel, DoP: Steve Annis, Service Producer: Norbert A Schilling, Location: Tenerife - Shot on RED with Hawk V-light lenses

Topaz Pictures - Cuba
Producer/Director/DoP: Michel Miglez; Service Producer: Norbert A Schilling; Camera Assistant: Andy McLeod; Location: Tenerife.

Alf Dyblie & Rune Hov - Norway
Producer/Director: Alf Dyblie; DoP: Rune Hov; RED Technicians: Andy McLeod & Joshua Wilbert; Runner: Joel Malloch; Location: Tenerife.

FilmCanaryIslands S.L. - Tenerife
Producer: Norbert A Schilling; Director: Fresh Inx; DoP/Editor: Andy McLeod; Steadicam: Pekko Vuorela; Location: Tenerife.


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