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Discover the Magic of
The Canary Islands

Seven extraordinary islands await you!

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Incredible Climate All Year Round!
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The Canary Islands

Welcome to
The Canary Islands!

Seven unique islands offering diverse locations;
rainforest, desert, lakes, alpine mountains, volcanoes,
cities, villages, dramatic roads, beaches, villas, pools
and much, much more!

ºCentingrade average winter temperature (32ºC in summer)
Daylight hours in winter
(13 in summer).
Days of sunshine per year!
% tax break for foreign productions

Tax Incentives in The Canary Islands

At a very generous 50%, The Canary Islands offer the international film producer one of the highest tax incentives in the world, making the islands an even more attractive location for your next movie.

Basic requirements:
· One million euros spent in the Canary Islands
· Minimum production budget of 2 million euros
· Contracting a film producer registered with the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, (ICCA), who has his/her tax residence in the Canary Islands.
· For Animation and Postproduction the mininum spent in the Canaries is 200.000€

The Canary Islands

Canary Islands

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Total Area: 7 main islands covering 7,447 km²
Population Total (2009): 2,098,593
Ethnic Groups: 71% Canarian, 12.5% Spanish, 16.5% foreign (European, African, Latin American)
Population Density: 281/km²
Currency: Euro
Voltage: 220v, standard European plugs.


Capital: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Area: 2,034 km²
Population: 886,033
Airports: 2: Los Rodeos TFN (North) 11km from Santa Cruz, & Reina Sofia TFS (South) 65km from Santa Cruz, in the southern tourist region.

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lanzaCapital: Arrecife
Area: 845 km²
Population: 139,506
Airports: 1. Arrecife (ACE - International & internal ) 5km from Arrecife.

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Capital: Puerto del Rosario
Area: 1,660 km²
Población: 100,929
Aeropuertos: Fuerteventura (FUE - Internacional y vuelos internos) 5 kilómetros desde Puerto del Rosario.

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canariaCapital: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Area: 1,560 km²
Population: 829,597
Airports: 1: Las Palmas (LPA - international and internal) 19km from Las Palmas.

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palmaCapital: Santa Cruz de La Palma
Area: 706km²
Population: 86,528
Airports: 1: La Palma (SPC - internal and some international charter) 8km from Santa Cruz.

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gomeraCapital: San Sebastian
Area: 369 km²
Population: 22,622
Airports: 1. La Gomera (GMZ- internal flights only), 34km from San Sebastian.

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Capital: Valverde
Area: 278 km²
Population: 10,754
Airports: 1: El Hierro (VDE - internal flights only) 10km from Valverde.


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