La Palma

palmaCapital: Santa Cruz de La Palma
Area: 706km²
Population: 86,528
Airports: 1: La Palma (SPC - internal and some international charter) 8km from Santa Cruz.

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La Palma is known as La Isla Bonita (The Beautiful Island) and is the greenest and most luscious of the Canary Islands. In the northern interior is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, essentially an enormous volcanic crater or landslide, and on the outside of the crater there is an abundance of two million year old Laurel pine forests and plummeting waterfalls. There is minimal tourism, with most visitors coming to enjoy trekking and hiking in the spectacular scenery.

The island is accessible by plane from all the main Canary Islands, and heavy equipment can be transported by a daily vehicle ferry (2.5hrs) from Los Cristianos harbour in south Tenerife.


Location Highlights

  • Ancient laurel forests: the ice age never made it this far south and these are some the oldest forests in the world (as used by BBC's "Walking with Monsters")
  • Rain forests
  • Spectacular roads with easy closure arrangements
  • Quiet airport with inexpensive facility fees
  • The world famous Roques de las Muchachos observatory at 2,400m



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