El Hierro


Capital: Valverde
Area: 278 km²
Population: 10,754
Airports: 1: El Hierro (VDE - internal flights only) 10km from Valverde.


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Few places conserve their authenticity and natural values like the island of El Hierro, which is the smallest and the youngest island in the Canary Archipelago, being formed some 5 million years ago.

Spectacular cliffs make up most of its coastline, and its highest point is the Peak of Malpaso at 1501m. El Hierro has amazing and contrasting landscapes; lava fields, traditional farmland with indigenous livestock, extensive pine forests, ancient misty cloud forests and more than 200 volcanic craters. The entire island became a listed UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2000.

Until Columbus discovered America, Europe believed that El Hierro was the “end of the earth”. Ptolemy placed the prime meridian (0º longitude) at the island’s most south-easterly point, the Orchilla Lighthouse, but in 1884, without prior consultation, the home of the meridian was moved to Greenwich.

SCUBA diving in El Hierro is extraordinary, with the biggest and most abundant marine life found anywhere in the Canaries.

El Hierro is accesible from Tenerife North airport and heavy equipment can be transported by fast vehicle ferry (2.5hrs) from Los Cristianos harbour in south Tenerife.


Location Highlights

  • Ancient forests
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Winding roads; quiet with easy closing posibilities
  • Good airport filming options




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