Rolls Royce Dawn BB - Commercial

March 2017

Rolls Royce Commercial Lanzarote

Every once in a while we get presented with a project that is really quite special. At the end of last year we were contacted by Beth Wightman from W Productions in London, to work with them on the launch videos and photography for the new Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge.


The brief was all about BLACK and needed to feature black lava, black skies, black car, black smoke and black costumes. The obvious location for us were the roads in Lanzarote, that traverse through mighty lava fields and are surrounded by impressive volcanoes.

There were many logistical challenges during the 3 months of putting this shoot together, including the transportation of three Rolls Royce cars from the UK, importing very powerful black smoke grenades from the mainland, and organising very compex road closures and co-ordinating with the local police, which were all handled successfully by our Senior Producer, Norbert A Schilling, and his team.


Film director and photographer, Joe Windsor-Williams along with Art Director, Mark Etherington, had a very creatively challenging script to shoot, so our in-house DoP, Andy McLeod, chose to shoot with RED Epics with a mix of 6K Dragon and 8K Helium sensors. Much of the car shooting was done with a Girostabilised Fighthead V, mounted on both crane arm and a fast chasing vehicle, as well as with our drone, which captured some spectacular car and scenic footage, piloted by Aleksandar Pejovic.

Final Video

Final Photos & Behind the scenes

Making Of Video


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