Continental Tyres TV Commercial

January 2015

Continental TV comercialContinental Tyres came to us to produce their TV advertisement. We supplied the entire crew, actors, cameras, cranes, lighting and car for this shoot in the pine forest on the TF24 La Esperanza road.
The shoot was directed by Sami Juensuu and DoP was P Blomgren.

An early start saw very low temperatures with everyone keeping well wrapped up, especially the two actors which included a little girl.
There were three shoot locations in total. The story followed a little girl playing with her ball in the forest. As it bounced across the road, she chased after it. A car approached and braked hard whereby a piñata donkey and plastic party balls on the back seat launch into the air. The donkey breaks apart as it hit the road spilling its contents. The sure grip of the tyres see the outcome is a happy ending with the little girl looking at the relieved driver whilst holding one of the plastic balls.
Much of the footage was shot in slow motion on one of our Red Dragons.


Behind the Scenes

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