Michelob Beer - Commercial - Steam Films (Canada) - Portugal

April 2014

04In April, DoP, Andy McLeod and assistant Dimitri Quintanilla, travelled to the mountains in northern Portugal to shoot 2nd unit shots for the latest spot for the Canadian beer, Michelob, produced by Steam films from Canada.

The story follows a young couple on a white water rafting expedition, and during an extreme stretch of rapids, our hero is thrown from the boat into the river. Andy was tasked in filming both the underwater shots and the sequence of the raft being drenched in water on its journey through the rapids.
Even though it was April, the water in the river was a chilly 7ºC, but for Andy, a veteran of several Antarctic and Arctic film shoots, this was not a problem, and he stayed toasty warm for the 2 hours he spent submerged in the river. The underwater camera was our RED Epic system, but for the rafting shots, Andy chose to use the Blackmagic Pocket camera, shooting RAW, with a Zeiss 8mm lens. The camera was then enclosed in a pelican case, customised by Andy to have a glass port installed, and then rigged to various positions on the raft as it sent through the over rapids.

Watch the finished commercial:

See the “Behind the Scenes” video:


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