Calzadonia Ocean Girls - Reality Game Show (6 x 1hr) - Sky Italy - Freemantle Media Italy - Tenerife - Lanzarote - Fuerteventura

March/April 2014

01Calzadonia Ocean Girls was a gruelling 6 week challenge starting with 10 female competitors, going head to head on some spectacularly tough challenges, on and around the Ocean. Freemantle Media from Italy, brought a team of 50 people

, including 6 camera crews to the Canary Islands and teamed up with Film!CanaryIslands who provided a further 35 crew, including production staff, safety specialists, marine crew and multicopter and underwater camera operators.

Not just for the girls, but for the whole team, the 6 weeks proved to be a tough challenge, filling a 1 hour slot of TV every week, working at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean and having to move base every week or two. However, the show was a big success and many new friendships were made between the Canarian and Italian crew.

Watch the trailer:

Behind the Scenes Week 1

Behind the Scenes Week 2

Behind the Scenes Week 3

Behind the Scenes Week 4

Behind the Scenes Week 5

Behind the Scenes Week 6


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