Familie - TV Drama - TV Bastards (Belgium) - Tenerife

Posted on: February 2014

06In February we were joined by the Belgian production company, TV Bastards, who make one of their countries most famous soap operas, “Familie”, which has been running continuously since 1991.

The thread of the story they were wanting to film with us, involved 2 of the actors on a trekking holiday in Northern Pakistan, but for logistical reasons, they were looking for an alternative, safer location.

The central mountains of Tenerife proved perfect for them, and in February they still had a little snow left on the peaks which provided an impressive back drop to a dramatic scene of the hikers’ bus being hijacked by terrorists.

Film!CanaryIslands cast all the supporting roles from our local community here in Tenerife, as well as full location and production support.

Watch the sequences from Tenerife



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